What has been your experience in business? Do you believe that you understand the problems faced by small businesses in Montana? What business experience do you currently have that will give support and input for the Montana Legislature if you are elected?  

I founded and ran my own business, Intermountain Systems. For 34 years I, and my staff, sold and built grain bins and steel buildings in 16 states. We also designed and built grain terminals. Starting at my kitchen table I built Intermountain Systems to be the largest YORK (bins and buildings) dealership in the world twice and in America twice (not the same two years). We built everything from the small grain bin in a farmer’s “bin yard” to design/construction management of multi- million dollar projects.

Yes, I understand the plight of small business owners. I’ve felt the emotions when a small business owner get’s “snake bit” on a project and has to borrow money to pay “their fair share” in quarterly filings. I know the bitterness when they have to take money from their family to pay into the “safety net” for the employee that caused the snake bite. I know what it is to bet your home on a new start up. I understand, and my voting record while serving in the Montana House of Representatives shows I understand.

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